The Company

McCain Foods Limited

Is a Canadian Multi-National privately owned company established in 1957 in Florenceville, New Brunswick, Canada. It is the world's largest manufacturer of Frozen Potato products. Its major competitors are Simplot and ConAgro.

Birds Eye

Is a North American International brand of Frozen Foods owned by Pinnacle Foods in North America and Nomad Foods in Europe.

I & J

Established in 1970, I & J is a vertically integrated South African company with substantial investments in Fishing, Food Processing and Aquaculture.


Established in 1977, today it process over 50,000 tonnes of Tomatoes each year, with Manufacturing capabilities across a number of packaging formats including Glass Jars, Cans, Plastic Tubs and Squeezy Bottles.


In 1952, Mauro Montalto brought his skills with him to Melbourne, Australia when he emigrated from his hometown of Florida in the Southern Italian Island of Sicily and now Manufacture up to 2500 tonnes of Cheese per annum.

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